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An effective risk management function is increasingly important for organisations to remain competitive, meet expanding regulatory compliance requirements, obtain funding and deal with the growing complexity of risks. Gryphon Risk Consulting aims to assist organisations in developing their risk management framework under a tailored approach to the business, considering the size and complexity of its operations.

Gryphon Risk Consulting has experience in working with small and large organisations across various industries and niche sectors. These include:
⦁  Financial Services (Banking & Insurance)
⦁  Aged & Disability Care Services
⦁  Government (at all levels)
⦁  Education (including Universities)
⦁  Not-For-Profit, NGO & Charity Sector (including UK sectoral expertise)

Having internal resources and expertise to develop and implement risk and compliance frameworks can be an expensive and time-consuming process to embed within an organisation. This is where Gryphon Risk Consulting can help organisation’s achieve value for money and obtain access to an experienced resource for targeted advice or work, while gaining assurance that an effective risk framework is implemented.

Risk management is evermore becoming essential business practice, particularly in providing assurance to external parties to maintain government funding, meet regulations or instil confidence in customers that the organisation has appropriate practices and governance in place to manage risks. With emerging risks arising from increased technological or communication changes and external threats of climate or regulatory change, this requires businesses to deal with a greater variety of risks that impact their operations. A strong risk management framework is therefore paramount to identify, control and manage such risks.

Why Choose Us?

Tailored service to your needs Analysis

Design and implementation of frameworks, policies or procedures that suit the needs of the organisation in line with its size and complexity.

Cost effective return for experienced risk consulting advice

Access to an experienced risk expert at a more affordable cost than appointing an in-house risk resource or engaging a large consultant.

Extensive experience across sectors in particular to small to medium sized organisations

With expertise across private & public sectors, over various industries locally & internationally that encompasses a broad spectrum of risks (financial, operational, reputational, safeguarding, business continuity) and niche areas.

Ongoing personalised support and engagement with your organisation

Ability to deal directly with the senior risk consultant expert engaged with your organisation, with support throughout the process and post implementation.

What We Can Help You With

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Business Consulting

Review and assist your business with any strategic project that has significant risk or compliance considerations, preparing risk assessments and advice on options to mitigate any risks.

Risk Management

Development, assessment or review of the organisation’s risk management framework including policies, procedures, risk registers etc.

Business Continuity & Emergency Planning/Management

Design and development of the business continuity plan including a business impact analysis or a holistic emergency plan for the organisation that addresses potential disasters or hazards


Development of a governance structure in line with business requirements and regulations, including policies and procedures


Review of the organisation’s compliance framework to ensure it addresses all the legislative and regulatory requirements including developing policies and procedures.

Risk Training

Providing risk workshops on identifying and assessing risk to develop organisational registers and training on governance practices to embed a strong risk culture within the organisation.